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Internet of Things: A Hands-On Approach

Internet of Things: A Hands-On Approach

Essential Research Book in Internet of Things: A Hands-On Approach

Author(s) Name:  Arshdeep Bahga, Vijay Madisetti

About the Book:

   Internet of Things (IoT) refers to physical and virtual objects that have unique identities and are connected to the internet to facilitate intelligent applications that make energy, logistics, industrial control, retail, agriculture and many other domains "smarter". Internet of Things is a new revolution of the Internet that is rapidly gathering momentum driven by the advancements in sensor networks, mobile devices, wireless communications, networking and cloud technologies. Experts forecast that by the year 2020 there will be a total of 50 billion devices/things connected to the internet.
   This book is written as a textbook on Internet of Things for educational programs at colleges and universities, and also for IoT vendors and service providers who may be interested in offering a broader perspective of Internet of Things to accompany their own customer and developer training programs. The typical reader is expected to have completed a couple of courses in programming using traditional high-level languages at the college-level, and is either a senior or a beginning graduate student in one of the science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) fields. Like our companion book on Cloud Computing, we have tried to write a comprehensive book that transfers knowledge through an immersive "hands on" approach, where the reader is provided the necessary guidance and knowledge to develop working code for real-world IoT applications.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Internet of Things
  • Domain Specific IoTs
  • IoT and M2M
  • IoT System Management with NETCONF-YANG
  • IoT Platforms Design Methodology
  • IoT Systems - Logical Design using Python
  • IoT Physical Devices & Endpoints
  • IoT Physical Servers & Cloud Offerings
  • Case Studies Illustrating IoT Design
  • Data Analytics for IoT
  • Tools for IoT
  • ISBN:  9780996025522

    Publisher:  Vijay Madisetti

    Year of Publication:  2014

    Book Link:  Home Page Url