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Internet of Things for Agriculture 4.0 Impact and Challenges - Research Book

Internet of Things for Agriculture 4.0 Impact and Challenges

Hot Research Book in Internet of Things for Agriculture 4.0 Impact and Challenges

Author(s) Name:  Rajesh Singh, Amit Kumar Thakur, Anita Gehlot, Ajay Kumar Kaviti

About the Book:

   This new book provides an insightful look at the varied and exciting uses and applications of Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things in agriculture. With internet-enabled communications becoming more widely available, farms and agricultural establishments can take advantage of these new technologies for a wide range of farm operations, such as crop management, farm vehicle tracking, livestock monitoring, storage monitoring, and more.
   The collected data from these devices can be stored in the cloud system or server and accessed by the farmers via the internet or mobile phones. This book shows the many benefits to farmers from applying IoT, including better utilizing information for monitoring crops, optimizing water use, planning effective fertilization strategies, and saving time and reducing the operation expenses.
   Topics include using IoT for vertical farming, IoT-based smart irrigation system, landslide susceptibility assessment, automated aeroponics systems, crop survival analysis, and more. The volume also considers the challenges of IoT in agriculture, such as the requirements of applications of wireless sensor networks, the threat of attacks and the detection of vulnerabilities in wireless sensor networks, and more.
   Internet of Things for Agriculture 4.0: Impact and Challenges provides a better understanding of the time- and resourcing-saving benefits of wireless sensors and remote monitoring devices in agriculture. The volume will be useful for those involved in agricultural operations as well as scientists and researchers, and faculty and students in agriculture and computer and information science engineering.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Vertical Farming Trends and Challenges: A New Age of Agriculture Using IoT and Machine Learning
  • 2. Applications of IoT in Agriculture
  • 3. IoT-Based Smart Irrigation Systems for Smart Agriculture
  • 4. Attacks and Vulnerabilities Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • 5. Agricultural Science with Iot
  • 6. Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Using a Low-Cost Wireless Sensor Network for Agricultural Land in Hilly Areas
  • 7. Crop Survival Analysis Using IoT and Machine Learning
  • 8. Bluetooth Robotics
  • 9. Automated Aeroponics System Using IoT for Smart Agriculture
  • 10. Requirements of Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks for the Internet of Things
  • 11. Internet of Things Enabled Wireless Sensor Network
  • ISBN:  9781774630020

    Publisher:  Apple Academic Press

    Year of Publication:  2022

    Book Link:  Home Page Url