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Modeling and Design of Secure Internet of Things - Research Book

Modeling and Design of Secure Internet of Things

Hot Research Book in Modeling and Design of Secure Internet of Things

Author(s) Name:  Charles A. Kamhoua, Laurent L. Njilla, Alexander Kott, Sachin Shetty

About the Book:

   Modeling and Design of Secure Internet of Things offers a guide to the underlying foundations of modeling secure Internet of Things (IoT) techniques. The contributors—noted experts on the topic—also include information on practical design issues that are relevant for application in the commercial and military domains. They also present several attack surfaces in IoT and secure solutions that need to be developed to reach their full potential.
   The book offers material on security analysis to help with in understanding and quantifying the impact of the new attack surfaces introduced by IoT deployments. The authors explore a wide range of themes including: modeling techniques to secure IoT, game theoretic models, cyber deception models, moving target defense models, adversarial machine learning models in military and commercial domains, and empirical validation of IoT platforms.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Game-Theoretic Analysis of Cyber Deception: Evidence-Based Strategies and Dynamic Risk Mitigation
  • 3. A Hypergame-Based Defense Strategy Toward Cyber Deception in Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT)
  • 4. Cooperative Spectrum Sharing and Trust Management in IoT Networks
  • 5. Adaptation and Deception in Adversarial Cyber Operations
  • 6. On Development of a Game-Theoretic Model for Deception-Based Security
  • 7. Deception for Cyber Adversaries: Status, Challenges, and Perspectives
  • 8. Cyber-Physical Vulnerability Analysis of IoT Applications Using Multi-Modeling
  • 9. Securing Smart Cities: Implications and Challenges
  • 10. Modeling and Analysis of Integrated Proactive Defense Mechanisms for Internet of Things
  • 11. Addressing Polymorphic Advanced Threats in Internet of Things Networks by Cross-Layer Profiling
  • 12. Analysis of Stepping-Stone Attacks in Internet of Things Using Dynamic Vulnerability Graphs
  • 13. Anomaly Behavior Analysis of IoT Protocols
  • 14. Dynamic Cyber Deception Using Partially Observable Monte-Carlo Planning Framework
  • 15. A Coding Theoretic View of Secure State Reconstruction
  • 16. Governance for the Internet of Things: Striving Toward Resilience
  • 17. Secure and Resilient Control of IoT-Based 3D Printers
  • 18. Proactive Defense Against Security Threats on IoT Hardware
  • 19. IoT Device Attestation: From a Cross-Layer Perspective
  • 20. Software-Defined Networking for Cyber Resilience in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT
  • 21. Leverage SDN for Cyber-Security Deception in Internet of Things
  • 22. Decentralized Access Control for IoT Based on Blockchain and Smart Contract
  • 23. Intent as a Secure Design Primitive
  • 24. A Review of Moving Target Defense Mechanisms for Internet of Things Applications
  • 25. Toward Robust Outlier Detector for Internet of Things Applications
  • 26. Summary and Future Work
  • ISBN:  978-1-119-59336-2

    Publisher:  Wiley-IEEE Press

    Year of Publication:  2020

    Book Link:  Home Page Url