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Practical Internet of Things Security

Practical Internet of Things Security

Top Research book in Practical Internet of Things Security

Author(s) Name:  Brian Russell, Drew Van Duren

About the Book:

   With the advent of Intenret of Things (IoT), businesses will be faced with defending against new types of threats. The business ecosystem now includes cloud computing infrastructure, mobile and fixed endpoints that open up new attack surfaces, a desire to share information with many stakeholders and a need to take action quickly based on large quantities of collected data. . It therefore becomes critical to ensure that cyber security threats are contained to a minimum when implementing new IoT services and solutions. . The inter connectivity of people, devices, and companies raises stakes to a new level as computing and action become even more mobile, everything becomes connected to the cloud, and infrastructure is strained to securely manage the billions of devices that will connect us all to the IoT. This book shows you how to implement cyber-security solutions, IoT design best practices and risk mitigation methodologies to address device and infrastructure threats to IoT solutions.
   This book will take readers on a journey that begins with understanding the IoT and how it can be applied in various industries, goes on to describe the security challenges associated with the IoT, and then provides a set of guidelines to architect and deploy a secure IoT in your Enterprise. The book will showcase how the IoT is implemented in early-adopting industries and describe how lessons can be learned and shared across diverse industries to support a secure IoT.

Table of Contents

  • Defining the IoT
  • IoT uses today
  • The cybersecurity, cyber-physical, and IoT relationship
  • Why cross-industry collaboration is vital
  • The things in the IoT
  • Enterprise IoT
  • The IoT of the future and the need to secure it
  • ISBN:  9781785889639

    Publisher:  Packt Publishing Ltd

    Year of Publication:  2016

    Book Link:  Home Page Url