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Security Challenges and Approaches in Internet of Things

Security Challenges and Approaches in Internet of Things

Latest Research book in Security Challenges and Approaches in Internet of Things

Author(s) Name:  Misra, Sridipta, Maheswaran, Muthucumaru, Hashmi, Salman

About the Book:

   This book provides a comprehensive survey of the security and privacy research advancements in Internet of Things (IoT). The book lays the context for the discussion by introducing a system model for IoT. Since IoT is very varied and has been introduced in many different contexts, the system model introduced plays a crucial role in integrating the concepts into a coherent framework. After the system model, the book introduces the vulnerable features of the IoT. By providing a comprehensive discussion of the vulnerable features, the book highlights the problem areas of IoT that should be studied concerning security and privacy. Using the vulnerable features as a motivation, the book presents a vast survey of existing security and privacy approaches for IoT. The survey is a good way for the reader to pick up interesting directions of research that have already been explored and also hints at directions that could take additional investigation. Finally, the book presents four case studies that provide a detailed view of how some of the security and privacy concerns are addressed in specific problem areas.
Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • System Model for the Internet of Things
  • Vulnerable Features and Threats
  • Securing the Internet of Things
  • Social Governance
  • Case Studies of Selected IoT Deployments
  • Conclusions and Future Work
  • ISBN:  9783319442297

    Publisher:  Springer International Publishing

    Year of Publication:  2017

    Book Link:  Home Page Url