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Self-Powered Wearable IoT Devices for Health and Activity Monitoring - Research Book

Self-Powered Wearable IoT Devices for Health and Activity Monitoring - Research Book

Top Research Book in Self-Powered Wearable IoT Devices for Health and Activity Monitoring

Author(s) Name:  Ganapati Bhat; Ujjwal Gupta; Yigit Tuncel; Fatih Karabacak; Sule Ozev; Umit Y. Ogras

About the Book:

   Wearable devices have the potential to transform multiple facets of human life, including healthcare, activity monitoring, and interaction with computers. At the same time, a number of technical and adaption challenges hinder widespread and daily usage of wearable devices. Recent research efforts have focused on identifying these challenges and solving them such that the potential of wearable devices can be realized.
   In this monograph, the authors guide the reader through the state-of-the-art of wearable devices, detailing the challenges that researchers and designers face in achieving wide-adoption of the technology throughout society. The authors also identify the application areas where these devices are most likely to gain acceptance. They point the way to overcoming these challenges by detailing the recent advances in providing physically flexible designs, the energy management for such designs and finally consider some of the security and privacy aspects of wearable devices such that user compliance can be improved.
   This monograph serves as a comprehensive resource for challenges and solutions towards self-powered wearable devices for health and activity monitoring.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Challenges of Wearable Health and Activity Monitoring
3. Driver Application Areas of Wearable Devices
4. Physically Flexible Design of Wearable Devices
5. Energy Harvesting and Management
6. Security and Privacy Considerations of Wearable Devices
7. Conclusions and Future Directions

ISBN:  9781680837483

Publisher:  Now Foundations and Trends

Year of Publication:  2020

Book Link:  Home Page Url