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A Survey of Deep Learning:Platforms,Applications and Emerging Research Trends - 2018

A Survey Of Deep Learning:Platforms,Applications And Emerging Research Trends

Survey Paper on Deep Learning:Platforms,Applications And Emerging Research Trends

Research Area:  Machine Learning


Deep learning has exploded in the public consciousness, primarily as predictive and analytical products suffuse our world, in the form of numerous human-centered smart-world systems, including targeted advertisements, natural language assistants and interpreters, and prototype self-driving vehicle systems. Yet to most, the underlying mechanisms that enable such human-centered smart products remain obscure. In contrast, researchers across disciplines have been incorporating deep learning into their research to solve problems that could not have been approached before. In this paper, we seek to provide a thorough investigation of deep learning in its applications and mechanisms. Specifically, as a categorical collection of state of the art in deep learning research, we hope to provide a broad reference for those seeking a primer on deep learning and its various implementations, platforms, algorithms, and uses in a variety of smart-world systems. Furthermore, we hope to outline recent key advancements in the technology, and provide insight into areas, in which deep learning can improve investigation, as well as highlight new areas of research that have yet to see the application of deep learning, but could nonetheless benefit immensely. We hope this survey provides a valuable reference for new deep learning practitioners, as well as those seeking to innovate in the application of deep learning.

Human-centered smart systems
deep learning
neural networks
emergent applications
Internet of Things
cyber-physical systems

Author(s) Name:  William Grant Hatcher; Wei Yu

Journal name:  IEEE Access

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  IEEE

DOI:   10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2830661

Volume Information:  ( Volume: 6) Page(s): 24411 - 24432