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An approach for hyperspectral image classification by optimizing SVM using self organizing map - 2017

An Approach For Hyperspectral Image Classification By Optimizing Svm Using Self Organizing Map

Hyperspectral image classification by optimizing SVM using map | S - Logix

Research Area:  Machine Learning


In this paper, an efficient technique for the classification of Hyper-Spectral Images taken form satellite is actualized. The Proposed Methodology is based on the concept of optimizing Support Vector Machine (SVM) using Self Organizing Maps (SOM) and then classification of Interior and Exterior Pixels can be done by the comparing the Posterior Probability of each of the pixel intensities. The Methodology applied here works in two phases, first is to train the important features from the image by Optimizing Support Vector Machine using Self Organizing Maps and second is to find the Interior and Exterior Pixels and Comparing Optimal Threshold and Probability. The Experimental results are performed on two datasets which consists of 16 and 9 classes such as corn-no till, corn, soybeans-no till, corn-min till, soybeans-clean till, soybeans min till alfalfa, grass/trees, grass/pasture, grass/pasture-mowed, oats, hay windrowed wheat, woods, stone-steel towers and building-grass-trees-drives. The proposed Methodology Outperforms better in comparison with the existing Classification methodology in terms of Accuracy and Kappa and Confusion Matrix.

Hyper-Spectral Image
Support Vector Machine
Self Organizing Map
Posterior Probability
Exterior Pixels
Confusion Matrix

Author(s) Name:  Deepak Kumar Jain, Surendra Bilouhan Dubey, Rishin Kumar Choubey, Amit Sinhal, Siddharth Kumar Arjaria, Haoxiang Wang

Journal name:  Journal of Computational Science

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  ELSEVIER


Volume Information:  Volume 25, March 2018, Pages 252-259