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Cooja Simulator Sample for Removing the DAG Path in RPL Routing Process

Remove The Dag Path In Rpl Routing Process

Steps to Remove the DAG Path in RPL Routing Protocol in Cooja Simulator


   To remove the DAG path in RPL routing process. Once the current dag of node removed from the routing, it will not participate further routing process.

Source Code:

  Open a file Location -->contiki/core/net/rpl/rpl-dag.c

  Handle the function , rpl_dag_t * rpl_set_root(uint8_t instance_id, uip_ipaddr_t *dag_id)

if(instance->current_dag != dag && instance->current_dag != NULL) {
/* Remove routes installed by DAOs. */
instance->current_dag->joined = 0;

When the node satisfies this condition, that will not participate the routing.