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How to Build and Monitor MiniEdit Traffic using Wireshark?

Step by Step Build and Monitor MiniEdit Traffic using Wireshark


       Wireshark is a safe tool used to design and monitor Miniedit traffic, assist in entrapping network packet flow, and exhibit them at a divergent granular level. Wireshark is an open-source packet analyzer tool employed for educational institutions, government agencies, corporations, network troubleshooting areas, software development, and communication protocol development. It highly helps the network engineers to troubleshoot over network issues. Therefore, Cybersecurity professionals also often use Wireshark tools to trace the connections and view contents that suspect network transactions to pinpoint the burst rupture of network traffic. Network security engineers use Wireshark to inspect security problems and permit users to watch all the existing traffic passed over the network. It is one the most often-used packet sniffer in the overall world. Wireshark is responsible for three things: 1. packet capturing, 2. filtering 3. visualization. Here, the following given procedure tells the users how to build and monitor the traffics in Miniedit,

    Step -1:

      1.Open a New Terminal.

      2.$ sudo ./mininet/examples/

      3.Create a Network topology in MiniEdit.

      4.Start the simulation.

    Step - 2:

      1. Open an xterm window on hosts h1 and h8.

      2. Right-click on each host in the MiniEdit GUI and select the terminal from the menu that appears.

      3. In the h1 xterm window, start a Wireshark with the command wireshark &.

    Step - 3:

      1.In the h8 xterm window, start a packet trace with the command tcp dump.

    Step - 4:

      1.Run a ping command to send traffic between host1 and host8.

      2.On the mininet console window, run the following command:

      3.Mininet> h1 ping h8