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How to Install Ryu Controller?

Step by Step Install Ryu Controller


       Ryu Controller is a free “open-source” software. Software-Defined Network(SDN) Controller outlines to increase the network's agility by building it simple, easy, and adaptable to manage traffic. The Ryu Controller provides software components with precise application program interfaces(APIs), making it very convenient and easy for developers/programmers to create diverse new network management and control applications. Here, developers can quickly and easily amend the existing components or implement their own to ensure the underlying network can link up the exchanging demands of their respective and corresponding applications. The Ryu Controller source code is hosted on GitHub, which is managed and well-maintained by the open Ryu community. The Ryu Controller can use OpenFlow or other protocols to collaborate with the forwarding plane switches and routers to amend how the network will grasp traffic flows.

    Install Ryu Controller

      Using the pip3 command for installing Ryu Controller is one of the easiest options. If you have pip3 already, you can skip the first command.

       $ sudo apt install python-pip3

      $ sudo pip3 install ryu

      To check,

      $ ryu-manager