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How to Manually Manage Flows in Mininet

Step by Step Manually Manage Flows in Mininet


       The flow entries of an Open vSwitch (OVS) are hand-operated and maintained using the ovs-ofctl command. Flow entries on an OpenFlow-capable switch control the actions of the packets. The fields of the flow table are presented as match field, counter, priority, cookies, timeout, and action. Since these row tables can store a limited set of row entries, the switch can get aside entries based on its maximum scopes. Moreover, the table's flow entry can be eradicated or eliminated automatically once the timeout expires. Normally these flows are installed asynchronously with an SDN controller. To manually manage the flows in Mininet, follow the given samples described below.

      Use the network above, created using:

      $ sudo mn --topo=single,3 --controller=none --mac

      --controller=none means that commands will be provided manually

      You’ll get:

      which basically means that OFP 1 refers to s1-eth1, OFP 2 to s1-eth2, and so on.

       sh allows executing shell commands inside mininet.

       You could execute them from a separate xterm using sudo, i.e.,

       $ sudo ovs-ofctl show s1.