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Dynamic scheduling and congestion control for minimizing delay in multihop wireless networks - 2021

Dynamic scheduling and congestion control for minimizing delay in multihop wireless networks

Research Area:  Wireless Sensor Networks


In the real world the QOS attribute delay is a research dispute that has raised much distress being pragmatic in the multi-hop wireless networks with huge amount of data to be transmitted. The objective is to enhance the throughput and accomplish lesser end-to-end delay at the same time. The prevailing work tries to condense the delay by regulating the packet flow that might control the throughput ratio, as well as congestion is also not considered in the case of multiple flows that share single route path for the transmission of data. In the proposed system, optimal data flow scheduling is conceded out with the function of reducing the end to end delay with maximized throughput ratio by modifiable packet flow ratio. This is performed by offering the novel algorithm stated to as dynamic optimized scheduling and congestion control in wireless network that can defer the optimal performance. This novel approach recovers the throughput and rapidity for wireless networks by altering scheduling scheme with virtual adaptation model. In this scheduling every slot is separated into mini slots to reduce the complexity. To control the congestion again the mini slots are separated as micro slots. Virtual rate adjustment is performed in a diverse manner for multiple flow links that exist within the network environment on the origin of their level of emergency, so as to present individual priority for the separate flow links. This technique succeeds in rendering optimal delay compared to the available research techniques in terms of enhanced performance ratio.


Author(s) Name:  K. Malarvizhi & L. S. Jayashree

Journal name:  Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Springer

DOI:  10.1007/s12652-020-01742-4

Volume Information:  volume 12, pages 3949–3957 (2021)