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Energy-efficient multi-mode clusters maintenance (M2CM) for hierarchical wireless sensor networks - 2017

Energy-efficient multi-mode clusters maintenance (M2CM) for hierarchical wireless sensor networks

Research Area:  Wireless Sensor Networks


How to energy-efficiently maintain the topology of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is still a difficult problem because of their numerous nodes, highly dynamic nature, varied application scenarios and limited resources. An energy-efficient multi-mode clusters maintenance (M 2 CM) method is proposed based on localized and event-driven mechanism in this work, which is different from the conventional clusters maintenance model with always periodically re-clustered among the whole network style based on time-trigger for hierarchical WSNs. M2CM can meet such demands of clusters maintenance as adaptive local maintenance for the damaged clusters according to its changes in time and space field., the triggers of M2CM include such events as nodes residual energy being under the threshold, the load imbalance of cluster head, joining in or exiting from any cluster for new node or disable one, etc. Based on neighboring relationship of the damaged clusters, one can start a single cluster (inner-cluster) maintenance or clusters (inter-cluster) maintenance program to meet diverse demands in the topology management of hierarchical WSNs. The experiment results based on NS2 simulation show that the proposed method can significantly save energy used in maintaining a damaged network, effectively narrow down the influenced area of clusters maintenance, and increase transmitted data and prolong lifetime of network compared to the traditional schemes.


Author(s) Name:  Xiangdong Hu and Zhulin Liu

Journal name:  China Communications

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  IEEE

DOI:  10.1109/CC.2017.7961358

Volume Information:  Volume: 14, Issue: 6, 2017, Page(s): 1 - 12