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Improved DV-Hop Location Algorithm Based on Mobile Anchor Node and Modified Hop Count for Wireless Sensor Network - 2020

Research Area:  Wireless Sensor Networks


To improve the performance of location accuracy for wireless sensor network, a new location algorithm based on mobile anchor node and modified hop count is proposed. Firstly, we set different communication powers for all nodes to make them have different communication ranges. This makes the relationship between the hop count and real distance more accurate. Secondly, the unknown node computes the mean distance per hop between it and the three anchor nodes that are the nearest to the unknown node and uses the mean value as the mean distance per hop. Finally, we suppose that some anchor nodes can move. Once the position of some anchor nodes changes, we recalculate the positions of unknown nodes and use the mean value of recorded positions as position of unknown nodes. Simulation results show that the proposed method has lower location error than other methods.

Author(s) Name:  Jia Yanfei, Zhang Kexin and Zhao Liquan

Journal name:  Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Hindawi


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