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Optimised disjoint virtual backbone algorithms for wireless sensor networks - 2020

Optimised disjoint virtual backbone algorithms for wireless sensor networks

Research Area:  Wireless Sensor Networks


The way nodes are arranged in a wireless network can significantly influence performance, especially information flow. The construction of disjoint virtual backbone networks (DVBNs) is one of the ways this can be accomplished. In this study, the authors first present a proposal that constructs multiple DVBNs using nodes locations, in two phases. In the second phase of the proposal, dominator selection is initiated by the sink and then continued by each selected dominator. This occurs in rounds, with each round producing a distinct virtual backbone. The simulations show that multiple DVBNs can be produced with a good approximation ratio. Further, two optimisations are presented, one for a scanty network and the other for data dissemination. These are accomplished by changing the way in which the dominators are selected in the second phase of the algorithm. These optimisations are evaluated and a marked improvement is observed in node connectedness to the backbone and in hop count while keeping approximation ratios almost constant.


Author(s) Name:  Simon T. Obenofunde, Olivier Togni, Wahabou Abdou


Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Wiley

DOI:  10.1049/wss2.12028

Volume Information:  Volume11, Issue5 October 2021 Pages 219-232