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SenseVault: A Three-tier Framework for Securing Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks - 2017

SenseVault: A Three-tier Framework for Securing Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks

Research Area:  Wireless Sensor Networks


The unique characteristics of underwater channels, such as the mobility of sensor nodes, require robust and efficient security mechanisms for secure and efficient data collection in mobile underwater sensor networks (UWSNs). In this paper, we propose a novel three-tier framework for securing data collections in mobile UWSNs, called SenseVault. First, to support both the authentication of intra-cluster nodes and the authentication of inter-cluster nodes, we propose a cubic cluster formation approach to adapt to dynamic environments with flexible split and merge operations, and use cryptographic hash functions to derive secret keys for the authentication of nodes moving among the clusters. Second, we design a lightweight node revocation and authentication key update mechanism based on higher-order polynomial. To provide strong resilience against misbehavior of the compromised cluster head, we further introduce a Tripartite Cooperation Update (TCU) scheme by leveraging the cooperation among surface stations, safe neighboring cluster heads, and safe intra-cluster members. Third, we propose a deterministic quantization approach, called Virtual Phase Shift (VPS) for the secure generation of secret keys at the physical layer. Extensive experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed framework under different scenarios.


Author(s) Name:  Ming Xu and Ling Liu

Journal name:   IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  IEEE

DOI:  10.1109/TMC.2018.2812801

Volume Information:  Volume: 17, Issue: 11, Nov. 1 2018, Page(s): 2632 - 2645