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Apache Hive - NoSQL Database for Big Data Projects

Apache Hive

  • Availability : Open Source.

  • It is a data warehouse software facilitates reading, writing, and managing large data sets residing in distributed storage using SQL.

  • Data summarization, query and analysis are three main functions.

  • It enforces the integration of SQL-like queries (HiveQL) with the underlying Java by providing the necessary SQL abstraction without implementing the queries in the low-level Java API.

Criteria Apache Hive
Query language SQL-like
Used for Creating Reports
Area of deployment Server Side
Supported data type Structured
Integration JDBC & BI tool


  • Query data with a SQL-based language.

  • Ensures interactive response time, even for large-scale datasets.

  • Adds more commodity machines when increasing the amount of data volume as well as data variety without reducing the performance.

  • Works with traditional data integration and data analytics tools.