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Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in Big Data

   The staggering growth rate of data generated, big data has a complex nature refers to large growing data sets include heterogeneous structure such as structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. It has gained significant attention from various fields such as information technology, biomedical analysis, and biomedical informatics. In recent years, big data development worldwide has created significant insights; many Big Data models, frameworks, and new technologies are created to provide more storage capacity, parallel processing, and real-time analysis of different heterogeneous sources.
   Big data also ensures data privacy and security by adopting different techniques and models to preserve data. Many leading journals publish high-quality, scholarly research papers and novel methodologies for big data technologies. This list provides top-ranking journals in big data with journal rank, high impact factor, Cite Score, Scientific Journal Rank (SJR), and H-Index. It also provides leading publishers with data-intensive computing and all applications of big data research.

General Scope and Topics Coverage of Big Data Journals

  • Scalable Architectures for Massively Parallel Data Processing - Scalable Storage Systems for Big Data - Cloud Computing Platforms for Big Data Adaptation and Analytics
  • Big Data Models and Algorithms - Parallel Programming Techniques for Big Data Processing - Software and Tools for Massive Big Data Processing - Data Mining Tools and Techniques for Big Data
  • Large Scale Data Analysis for Social Networks - Big Data Analytics - Database Management Systems for Big Data - Hadoop Programming and Map Reduce Architecture
  • Machine Learning Methods for Big Data - Stream Data Processing in Big Data - Security and Privacy Issues in Big Data - Uncertain Data Management in Big Data - Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection in Very Large Scale Systems - Big Data Visualization - Big Data Semantics - Big Data Analytics for Business Intelligence - Big Data Analytics for Smart Healthcare

List of High Impact Factor Big Data Journals