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Trending Literature Survey Topics in Big Data

Trending Literature Survey Topics in Big Data

   In this data deluge era, data are being generated from various sources and transmitted fastly through digital technologies, leading to big data. Big data is a robust impetus in information technology, which refers to the collection of complex datasets that comprise a huge amount of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. By using traditional data management tools or software techniques, such massive data are complicated to process.
   With the widespread of big data, it has gained great impact in several domains such as health care, public administration, education, and other interdisciplinary scientific research. There are significant challenges in big data analysis, including data inconsistency and incompleteness, scalability, and security. Existing literature surveys present comprehensive big data surveys and classify the various attributes of big data, including its nature, rapid growth rate, volume, analysis, and security. This list provides literature surveys in big data with various research issues, challenges, and tools for analyzing and processing the big data.

List of Latest Topics for Literature Survey in Big Data