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Apache Kafka - Hadoop Open Source Code

Apache Kafka

  • Availability : Open Source Stream- processing software

  • Written in : Java and Scala

  • It is a publish-subscribe messaging system, which is fast, scalable, durable, and fault-tolerant

  • Kafka is often used in place of traditional message brokers like JMS and AMQP because of its higher throughput, reliability and replication.

  • It is one of the general-purpose messaging systems that supports a wide range of use cases especially, for the demand for high throughput, reliable delivery, and horizontal scalability.

  • Apache Storm and Apache HBase both work very well in combination with Kafka.

Message Broker

  • With the increase of volume of data, the framework often faces two main challenges. The first challenge is how to collect a large volume of data, and the second challenge is to analyze the collected data. To overcome these challenges, we must need a messaging system.

  • Kafka provides better throughput, built-in partitioning, replication, and inherent fault-tolerance compared to other messaging systems, hence, it is more applicable for large-scale message processing applications.


  • Scalability

  • Data Transformations

  • Fault tolerance

  • Reliability

  • Durability

  • Performance

  • Extensibility

  • Zero downtime and zero data loss

  • Replication