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Flockdb - NoSQL Database for Big Data Projects


  • Availability : Open Source.

  • Written in : Java, Scala, Ruby.

  • It manages wide and shallow network graphs through the characteristics of an open source, distributed, fault-tolerant graph database.

  • It stores relationships among users, which has used by Twitter.

  • It attempts to solve little problems, hence it is simpler than other graph databases such as neo4j

  • It has designed especially for websites, supporting on-line, low-latency, high throughput environments and scaling horizontally.


  • High rate of add/update/remove operations.

  • Potientially complex set arithmetic queries.

  • Paging through query result sets containing millions of entries.

  • Ability to “archive” and later restore archived edges.

  • Horizontal scaling including replication.

  • Online data migration.