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Infinispan - NoSQL Database for Big Data Projects


  • It is a distributed in-memory key/value NoSQL data store with optional schema.

  • It acts both as an embedded Java library and as a language-independent service accessed remotely over a variety of protocols such as Hot Rod, REST,Memcached and WebSockets.

  • It offers advanced functionality, including transactions, events, querying and distributed processing and also, numerous integrations with frameworks such as the JCache API standard, CDI, Hibernate, WildFly, Spring Cache, Spring Session, Lucene, Spark and Hadoop.


  • Transactions

  • MapReduce.

  • Support for LRU and LIRSeviction algorithms.

  • Through plugable architecture, It is able to persist data to the filesystem, relational database with JDBC, LevelDB, NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Apache Cassendra or HBase and others