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Redis - NoSQL Database for Big Data Projects


  • Availability : Open Source(BSD Licensed)

  • Redis means REmote DIctionary Server.

  • It is open source and in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker

  • It supports many programming languages.

  • It supports data structures including strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperlogs, geospatial indexes with radius queries and streams.

  • It has built-in replication, Lua Scripting, LRU eviction, transactions and different levels of on-disk persistence.

  • It provides high availability via Redis Sentinal and automatic partitioning with Redis Cluster


  • Transactions

  • Pub/Sub

  • Lua Scripting

  • Keys with a limited time to live

  • LRU eviction of keys.

  • Automatic failover