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Riak - NoSQL Database for Big Data Projects


  • Availability : Open Source NoSQL Database.

  • Written in : Erlang.

  • Products : Riak KV and Riak TS.

  • It is a key-value based NoSQL database that can be used to store user session related data.

  • Riak KV is one of the distributed NoSQL databases.

  • Riak TS is built on the same core foundation as Riak KV and is highly optimized for IoT and time series data.

  • It also integrates with Riak S2 to optimize large object storage.

  • Also it integrates with other data services including Apache Spark, Redis Caching, Apache Solr, and Apache Mesos.


  • High Availability

  • Scalability.

  • Fault Tolerance.

  • Queries.

  • Predictable Latency.

  • Storage options.

  • Tunable Consistency.

  • Operational Simplicity