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Enhance the Efficiency Routing between Mobile Nodes in MANET Networks - 2015

Enhance the Efficiency Routing between Mobile Nodes in MANET Networks

Research Area:  Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


This paper evaluates the performance of the OLSR pro-active protocol with and without backup routes under varying node densities and with different speed movements in the network. Additionally, this paper assists in ascertaining the effect of varying node densities on the connectivitys life between mobile nodes in the network. Hence, it showed the affect of a local recovery mechanism resulted in achieving a significant improvement in network performance by seeking a long life backup path between source and destination for low/high density nodes. Real time applications are required to be supported by mobile ad hoc networks. This is because of the free movement for the mobile nodes from one area to another without any notification via frequent paths. The real time applications traffics are considered a sensitive application, and it is the most affected by failure through the occurrence of delay and loss of packets. It is, therefore, not suitable for use by players. In mobile ad hoc networks, routing protocol functions are based on many factors, such as, node mobility and density and broken paths


Author(s) Name:  Omar Almomani,Radwan S. Abujassar and Tareq Alhmiedat

Journal name:  International Journal of Computer Applications

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  IJCA

DOI:  10.5120/19944-1740

Volume Information:  Volume 114 - Number 1