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Improvement of battery lifetime in software-defined network using particle swarm optimization based cluster-head gateway switch routing protocol with fuzzy rules - 2020

Research Area:  Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


The software-defined network (SDN) is one of the network architectures, in which the data plane and control plane is divided from each other, and the network can be handled using a sensibly centralized controller and this method is adopted to reconfigure the wireless sensor network automatically. In this article, to implement the SDN in MANET, in which control nodes can be chosen in SDN dynamically for the activation of MANET function to allocate the works to other mobile nodes to the base station. However, in the field of mobile ad hoc networks, the network lifetime, and battery lifetime is one of the major problems and the energy consumption can play a significant rule for the transmission of data in the SDN. Therefore, in this article, particle swarm optimization (PSO) based CGSR (cluster-head gateway switch routing protocol) algorithm with fuzzy rules is proposed to increase the network lifetime of battery powered mobile nodes by reducing the energy consumptions of each node in software-defined MANET. In this proposed method, a routing method that can permit various mobile nodes with low battery power to transmits the data from source node to base station. We design a PSO based CGSR routing protocol by selecting the routing mobile nodes using fuzzy rules for packet transmission. In CGSR process, the formation of cluster and selection of cluster head is executed depending on the particle swarm optimization method. This proposed routing protocol can be used to enhance the battery lifetime by extension of the network lifetime with numerical analysis for efficient route node selection.

Author(s) Name:  Maria Antony Sahaya Sheela, Rajendran Prabakaran


Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Wiley

DOI:  10.1111/coin.12271

Volume Information:   Volume36, Issue2 May 2020 Pages 813-823