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Node Mobility Impact on Zone Routing Protocol - 2015

Node Mobility Impact on Zone Routing Protocol

Research Area:  Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Zone Routing Protocol has designed for wireless mobile ad hoc networks. MANET is a network of geographically randomly distributed nodes. These network nodes can perform transaction of data packets using wireless links and they dont need any fixed infrastructure. In wireless mobile ad hoc network node perform task of host and router both. Because of the nodes have mobility feature so the environment of network is very much dynamic in nature, hence nodes in network are mobile in nature, they can move randomly so they can affect the topology of network and made frequent change in it in randomize mode of time slice. This paper consists of node mobility impact on zone routing protocol.This study is performed by simulation of network which has been conducted in famous network simulator NS2.


Author(s) Name:  Rakhi Purohit and Bright Keswani

Journal name:  International Journal of Computer Applications

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  IJCA


Volume Information:  Volume 118 – No. 18, May 2015