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Opportunistic Routing Protocol Based EPO–BES in MANET for Optimal Path Selection - 2021

Opportunistic Routing Protocol Based EPO–BES in MANET for Optimal Path Selection

Research Area:  Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Despite its various benefits, the Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) has a number of obstacles due to its mobility, unstable topology, energy efficiency, and other factors. In such an environment, routing protocols are required to transfer packets from source to destination. Due to the limited range of each mobile nodes wireless broadcasts, some mobile nodes can operate as intermediary nodes to forward a packet to its destination. In MANET, the multipath routing technique is used to decrease the routing overhead. It can be accomplished by minimizing network traffic. This paper aims to reduce the routing overhead to improve the effectiveness of broadcasting messages successfully. The Position-based Opportunistic Routing protocol is used to identify the optimal routing path in the network. The opportunistic routing system is mostly employed in MANET data transmission to reduce overhead. This paper presented a hybrid routing algorithm with the combination of Emperor Penguin Optimization (EPO) and the Bald Eagle Search (BES) algorithm (EPO–BES) for finding the best-forwarded path to moderate the routing overhead problem in MANET. NS2 platform is utilized to perform the routing operation and compared with existing techniques such as NKR, PSO-GA, PSO-BLAP, QUACS, and SGC-MO. The proposed method has obtained higher PDR, path optimality, end-to-end delay, throughput, routing overhead, load balancing, and energy consumption than other approaches.


Author(s) Name:  K. Bagirathan,Anandhakumar Palanisamy

Journal name:  Wireless Personal Communications

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Springer

DOI:  10.1007/s11277-021-09140-5

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