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TCP Variants Over Mobile Adhoc Network

Author(s) Name:  DHANANJAY BISEN

About the Book:

   Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) provides connection oriented and reliable transport layer services. Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) are autonomous and infrastructure less wireless networks. A significant amount of performance degradation is found when TCP is used with the MANETs as compared to the wired networks. TCP suits well with the wired networks, where majority of the packet losses are due to network congestion.
   MANETs have various other issues like transmission errors, dynamic topologies, link layer contentions. Transmission errors or contention issues are responsible for channel losses. Dynamic topologies are responsible for route failure losses. This review focuses on discussion of traditional TCP variants and various losses in MANETs. TCP variants for MANETs are explained which are classified into cross-layer approaches and layered approaches.
    A review of a set of TCP variants based on loss handling approach is given according to loss differentiation, loss prediction and loss avoidance approaches. The main purpose of this review is to define existing issues and future directions for improvement of TCP for MANETs.

ISBN:  9783848487196

Publisher:  LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Year of Publication:  2012

Book Link:  Home Page Url