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The impact of delayed topology information in proactive routing protocols for MANETS

Author(s) Name:  Andres Medina, Stephan Bohacek

About the Book:

   In the design of many proactive routing protocols for MANETs, it is often assumed that topology information is disseminated instantly and error free. Exceptions include hazy-sighted routing, which deliberately delay the dissemination of topology information such that the average time from when a node learns about a change in topology depends on the distance from the node to where the topology information changed.
   However, the analysis of hazy-sighted routing neglects the impact of this delay. This paper explores the impact of delayed topology information to the probability of routing loops formation and and packet loss.

Table of Contents

  • Abstract
  • Proceeding Downloads
  • SESSION: Experimentations and tools
  • SESSION: Multicast
  • SESSION: Routing
  • SESSION: MAC protocols
  • SESSION: Modeling
  • ISBN:  9781605582368

    Publisher:  ACM New York

    Year of Publication:  2008

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