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Inside Network Perimeter Security

Inside Network Perimeter Security

Essential Research Book in Inside Network Perimeter Security

Author(s) Name:  Stephen Northcutt

About the Book:

   This book Security professionals and administrators now have access to one of the most valuable resources for learning best practices for network perimeter security. Inside Network Perimeter Security, Second Edition is your guide to preventing network intrusions and defending against any intrusions that do manage to slip through your perimeter.
   This acclaimed resource has been updated to reflect changes in the security landscape, both in terms of vulnerabilities and defensive tools. Coverage also includes intrusion prevention systems and wireless security. You will work your way through fortifying the perimeter, designing a secure network, and maintaining and monitoring the security of the network. Additionally, discussion of tools such as firewalls, virtual private networks, routers and intrusion detection systems make Inside Network Perimeter Security, Second Edition a valuable resource for both security professionals and GIAC Certified Firewall Analyst certification exam candidates.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • I. The Essentials of Network Perimeter Security
  • 2. Packet Filtering
  • 3. Stateful Firewalls
  • 4. Proxy Firewalls
  • 5. Security Policy
  • 6. The Role of a Router
  • 7. Virtual Private Networks
  • 8. Network Intrusion Detection
  • 9. Host Hardening
  • 10. Host Defense Components
  • 11. Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • 12. Fundamentals of Secure Perimeter Design
  • 13. Separating Resources
  • 14. Wireless Network Security
  • 15. Software Architecture
  • 16. VPN Integration
  • 17. Tuning the Design for Performance
  • 18. Sample Designs
  • 19. Maintaining a Security Perimeter
  • 20. Network Log Analysis
  • ISBN:  9780672327377

    Publisher:  Sams Pub

    Year of Publication:  2005

    Book Link:  Home Page Url