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Research Topics in Orchestration of SDN

Research Topics in Orchestration of SDN

Research and Thesis Topics in Orchestration of SDN

SDN appliances the level of orchestration to have a large flexible, and less complex network compared to the traditional network. Accomplishing a new Orchestration level SDN can tackle the inflexibility and complexity of traditional networks. SDN Orchestration platforms include various types of open source software technology such as OpenDayLight, often built using common APIs that tie into standard networking technologies. The term orchestration is used in numerous sectors:

 •  Multimedia
 •  Music
 •  Cloud
 •  Business processes
 •  Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
 •  Network function virtualization (NFV)

Orchestration is considered a feature scope of SDN controller by being a key part of SDN architecture. It can be broadly classified according to its functionalities that include,

 •  Service Orchestration (SO)
 •  Resource Orchestration (RO)
 •  Lifecycle Orchestration (LO)

Service Orchestration: It is responsible for service composition and decomposition. It gets highly focused on interacting with other components such as Marketplace and Business Support System (BSS).

Resource Orchestration: It is in charge of mapping service requests to virtual or physical resources. This mapping service occurs across NFVO, EMS and SDN controllers.

Lifecycle Orchestration: It manages workflows, dependencies and processes across service components and maintains the services running according to a contracted Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The Orchestration follows some main characteristics that can be analyzed as,

 •  The high-level vision of the NS
 •  Fulfilling new market opportunities
 •  Smart services deployment and provisioning.
 •  Single and multidomain environment support
 •  Proper interaction with different MANO and non-MANO elements.

SDN Orchestration has faced some challenges

 •  Scalability
 •  Interoperability
 •  Lifecycle Management
 •  Security and Resiliency
 •  resource and service modeling
 •  Performance and service assurance