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Research Topics in Traffic Engineering in Software-Defined Networks

Research Topics in Traffic Engineering in Software-Defined Networks

Masters and PhD Research Topics on Traffic Engineering in Software-Defined Networks

Traffic Engineering (TE) is a contrivance for transmitting the packets considering different Quality of Service (QoS) level obligations among applications to improve network efficiency, performance and user satisfaction use of resources that can reduce the operation cost too.

TE can also reduce link failure and service degradation on the network s side. One of the most important techniques for optimizing data network performances is Traffic Engineering. It enhances performance by managing and regulating the data behavior by analyzing the dynamic nature of the network.

Although, TE proposed many new types of methods to improve the network-s robustness concerning increasing the demands of network traffic. TE plays a key application and most common objective in congestion minimization where techniques are splitting among multiple paths or advanced reservation systems used.

Traffic Engineering is one of the most challenging topics in communication networks, and it should have the following characteristics such as,

 •  Utilize multi-path diversity in the network
 •  Considering the flow values
 •  Routing decisions based on the global view of the network

The main goal of SDN application in traffic engineering with the aim that includes,

 •  Minimizing power consumption
 •  Maximizing aggregate network utilization
 •  Providing optimized load balancing
 •  Generic traffic optimization techniques.

The characteristics of SDN are used to solve recent current problems of traffic engineering, such as,

 •  Traffic measurement
 •  Traffic scheduling and management

•  Traffic measurement: Deploy scalable global measurement tasks using flexibility in SDN that collects real-time network status information and analyzes traffic centrally in the controller.

•  Traffic scheduling and management: Traffic application provision can be considered globally, making flexible and granular traffic scheduling possible.

Some of the challenges in Traffic engineering in SDN

 •  Fault tolerance
 •  Energy awareness
 •  Flow update scheduling and consistency
 •  Data flow scheduling and dissemination