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How MQTT Publisher Send Publish message to MQTT Server in Contiki-NG?

MQTT Publisher Send Publish message to MQTT Server in Contiki-NG

Contiki-NG Steps for MQTT Publisher Sending Publish Message to MQTT Server


   An MQTT client can publish messages as soon as it connects to a broker. MQTT utilizes topic-based filtering of the messages on the broker. Each message must contain a topic that the broker can use to forward the message to interested clients. Typically, each message has a payload that contains the data to transmit in byte format.

Step 1

Open a source file in the following location >> contiki-ng/examples/mqtt-client/mqtt-client.c Code : mqtt-client.c

Step 2

Run the simulation

Run the simulation
Step 3

After connecting border router to server use three terminal window for mosquitto publisher,subscriber and MQTT broker for receiving control messages.

mosquitto information mosquitto publisher MQTT broker for receiving control messages
Step 4

Mote Output

Mote Output