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What is MQTT and How to Simulate the MQTT Protocol in Contiki-NG?


MQTT(Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight messaging protocol.

It uses Publisher/Subscriber pattern and translate the messages between devices, servers and applications.

The MQTT protocol was initially created in order to link sensors like pipelines that communicate with satellites, with an emphasis on minimal battery loss and bandwidth consumption.

Step 1

Open cooja simulator

In terminal cd contiki-ng/tools/cooja >> ant run

Create new simulation

Step 2

Create motes for simulation

Choose the following location and create motes 1.contiki-ng/examples/rpl-border-router/border-router.c //For border router 2.contiki-ng/examples/mqtt-client/mqtt-client.c //For Publisher 3.contiki-ng/examples/mqtt-client/mqtt-client.c //For Subscriber

Step 3

connect border-router and broker/server

Open a new terminal to connect a border_router. contiki-ng/examples/rpl-border-router >>make TARGET=(platform) connect-router-cooja

Open another terminal to connect a broker. 2.mosquitto -p port address

Step 4

Open cooja simulator

Run Simulation

What is MQTT and How to Simulate the MQTT Protocol in Contiki-NG

Open cooja simulator.Run Simulation