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How to Install MQTT Broker in Contiki-NG Simulator?

Install MQTT Broker in Contiki-NG

Installation Steps for MQTT Broker in Contiki-NG


   MQTT is basically designed as a lightweight protocol to support the Internet of Things (IoT) applications. An MQTT broker is a mediator that enables MQTT clients to communicate. The resposibility of MQTT broker is to receive messages published by clients, the topics are used filter the messages , and distributes them according to the topics ppreferred by the subscribers. MQTT brokers enable the publish/subscribe (pub/sub) pattern of communication that helps to create a highly efficient and scalable MQTT protocol. This sample helps you to install MQTT broker Contiki-NG simulator.

Step 1

Install MQTT Broker Packages

Open a new Terminal window.

Type the following Command to install MQTT broker.

sudo apt-get install -y mosquitto mosquitto-clients.

Install MQTT Broker Packages

And then type sudo Password

After entering sudo password, MQTT broker packages will install.

Type sudo Password
Step 2
Check mosquitto Broker version

Type the Command to check the version of MQTT broker

>> mosquitto -v

The Installed mosquitto version is 3.1 broker.

Type the Command to check the version of MQTT broker
Step 3
Run mosquitto broker

Type the following Command to connect the MQTT broker

>> mosquitto -p port address

If the port address is already in use then try another port address.

Run mosquitto broker
 mosquitto -p port address