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What are the core components of Hadoop and advantages of Hadoop?

  • The Mapreduce and Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS) are the main components of hadoop.
  • Mapreduce
    Mapreduce is the programming model to work on data within the HDFS. The programming language for MapReduce is Java. It is used to process large volume of data by dividing the work into a set of independent tasks.
  • HDFS
    HDFS is Hadoop Distributed File System, which is used for storing raw data on the cluster in hadoop. Files in HDFS are split into blocks and then stored on the different data nodes. The typical size of a block is 64MB or 128MB. The blocks are also replicated, to ensure high reliability.
  • Advantages of Hadoop
    1. Scalability2. Fault tolerant3. Flexibility4. Cost effective