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How to install iFogSim with NetBeans IDE


Step 1
Download “iFogSim-master.zip” source code from the address “https://github.com/Cloudslab/iFogSim”
Step 2
Extract the zip file, it will be extracted with the folder name of EdgeCloudSim-master and it contains the sub-folders of doc, lib, scripts and src
Step 3
Open the NetBeans IDE. Create a new Project by selecting the “NewProject” command from the file menu of IDE.
Step 4
Now select “Java” from catagories box and choose “Java Application” from Projects box. Then click “Next” button.

Step 5
Change the Project Name

Step 6
Select the project location where you want to store it.

Step 7
Now open the iFogSim-master folder. It contains the subfolders doc, lib, scripts and src. Double click on “src” folder.

Step 8
Copy the entire folder.

Step 9
9.Paste all the selected folder into newly created IFogSim->src folder.

Step 10
Complete all the initial processing for installation of iFogSim.
Step 11
Now again activate NetBeans IDE, choose “Open Project” command from file menu.

Step 12
Select the IFogsim file , Click open project button.

Step 13
IfogSim source code project will be opened.

Step 14
But it shows some errors in the source code

Step 15
You should add the jar files into “libraries” folder in the projects.

Step 16
Select “libraries” folder and “Right click” on it and choose “add JAR/folder” menu.

Step 17
Add jar files by click on Ok button.

Step 18
Now all jar files are added and listed below to libraries folder.

Step 19
19.IFogSim source code project successfully installed.

Step 20
Run successfully any sample applications with this tool.