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How to Display Open vSwitch Configuration on MiniEdit?

Step by Step How to Display Open vSwitch Configuration on MiniEdit


       Open vSwitch(OVS) is an open-source deal that allows the Virtual machine monitor to virtualize the networking layer. It gets licensed beneath over open-source Apache 2 license. Open vSwitch focuses on automation and dynamic control for large open-source networking circumstances. This regale to many virtual machines running over one or more numerous physical nodes. OVS supports NetFlow, sFlow, port mirroring, VLANs, and LACPs. It can also be used to direct traffic between network functions in service-chaining use cases. OVS is used for virtual networking and is a core aspect of many data centers and industries. Open vSwitch supports some key features, such as:

      1. High-performance forwarding using a Linux kernel module

      2. Standard 802.1Q VLAN model with trunk and access ports

      3. QoS (Quality of Service) configuration and plus policing

      4. 802.1ag connectivity fault management

      5. Transactional configuration database with C and Python bindings. The following given sample provides How to Display Open vSwitch Configuration on MiniEdit.


      First, check the switch configurations within the network simulation to verify that everything is ready up properly.

      You can run the MiniEdit menu command, Run-> show OVS summary, to visualize the associate listing of switch configurations.

      In this case, verify that every switch is paying attention to the right controller on the right port.