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How to Install Mininet-Wifi?

Step by Step Install Mininet-Wifi


      Mininet-Wifi is a diverge of the Mininet SDN network emulator that expands the practicality of Mininet by increasing virtualized wireless fidelity Stations and Access Points supported by the quality UNIX wireless drivers and consistent with the 80211_hwsim wireless simulation driver. It suggests new classes have been added and expanded to support the additional state of those wireless devices in an exceedingly Mininet network situation to emulate the characteristics of a mobile station, like position and movement relative to the access points. Mininet-WiFi simulates their position and wireless span by assigning one station to another station or access points or repealing these wireless associations. Mininet-WiFi extends the Mininet code basement by adding or modifying categories and scripts. So, Mininet-WiFi adds some new practicality and still supports all the conventional SDN emulation capabilities of the quality Mininet network emulator.

      To install Mininet-Wifi natively from the source, first, you need to get the source code:

       git clone git://

       Note that the above git command will check out the latest and greatest Mininet (which we recommend!)

       cd mininet-wifi

       Once you have the source tree, the command to install Mininet-WiFi is:

       sudo util/ -Wlnfv options:

      -W: wireless dependencies

      -l: wmediumd

      -n: mininet-wifi dependencies

      -f: OpenFlow

      -v: OpenvSwitch


      -6: wpan tools