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Trending Literature Survey Topics in Wired Networks

Trending Literature Survey Topics in Wired Networks

   Wired Networks consist of several devices connected via physical links that carry different types of signals in the form of electricity to transmit data from one medium to another. Generally, wireless networks generate traffic in rapid, large, and diverse ways over the internet, but wired networks facilitate easier use and provide fast and reliable communication, more resources, mobility, security, and high bandwidth. Though, there are some issues in wired networks that affect their performance during data transmissions, such as attenuation, impedance and skin effect, and network congestion. Ethernet, fast ethernet, token ring, FDD are the few types of protocols of wired networks. Numerous literature surveys presented various techniques involved in wired networks and discussed the detailed view of wired networks in recent years. This list aims to present recent literature surveys in wired networks, which helps the upcoming researchers to get a quick review of the existing protocol for wired networks.

List of Latest Topics for Literature Survey in Wired Networks