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The Culture of Big Data

Author(s) Name:  Mike Barlow

About the Book:

   Technology does not exist in a vacuum. In the same way that a plant needs water and nourishment to grow, technology needs people and process to thrive and succeed. Culture (i.e., people and process) is integral and critical to the success of any new technology deployment or implementation.
   Big data is not just a technology phenomenon. It has a cultural dimension. It is vitally important to remember that most people have not considered the immense difference between a world seen through the lens of a traditional relational database system and a world seen through the lens of a Hadoop Distributed File System.This paper broadly describes the cultural challenges that accompany efforts to create and sustain big data initiatives in an evolving world whose data management processes are rooted firmly in traditional data warehouse architectures.

Table of contents

  • The Culture of Big Data Analytics
  • It is Not Just About Numbers
  • Playing By the Rules
  • No Bucks, No Buck Rogers
  • Operationalizing Predictability
  • Assembling the Team
  • ISBN:  9781500838997

    Publisher:  Createspace Independent Publishing

    Year of Publication:  2014

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