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Prospects of deep learning for medical imaging - 2018

Prospects Of Deep Learning For Medical Imaging

Research Paper on Prospects Of Deep Learning For Medical Imaging

Research Area:  Machine Learning


Machine learning techniques are essential components of medical imaging research. Recently, a highly flexible machine learning approach known as deep learning has emerged as a disruptive technology to enhance the performance of existing machine learning techniques and to solve previously intractable problems. Medical imaging has been identified as one of the key research fields where deep learning can contribute significantly. This review article aims to survey deep learning literature in medical imaging and describe its potential for future medical imaging research. First, an overview of how traditional machine learning evolved to deep learning is provided. Second, a survey of the application of deep learning in medical imaging research is given. Third, wellknown software tools for deep learning are reviewed.

Deep Learning
Medical Imaging
Machine learning
Precision medicine

Author(s) Name:  Jonghoon Kim; Jisu Hong; Hyunjin Park

Journal name:  Precision and Future Medicine

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  IBS Publications

DOI:  10.23838/pfm.2018.00030

Volume Information:   v.2, no.2, pp.37 - 52