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Guidelines for Preparing a PHD Research Proposal

Significance of the research proposal
  • The research proposal should demonstrate the significance and the quality of the research
  • The proposal explains the potential of the proposed research work and its future impact among the research community.
  • The proposal highlights the novelty, uniqueness, and freshness of the research work
  • Proposal elucidates the originality of the problem and illustrates the critical thinking and skills applied to prove the research problem.
Selection of the research topic
  • The topic selection depends on many factors, such as
  • Background and expertise of the student in the research topic
  • The expertise of the supervisor
  • Future impact of the research problem
  • Researchability of the research topic
  • Availability and feasibility of the tools and technologies to solve the research problem
  • Feasibility of publications in top journals
  • How does it impact the advancement of knowledge?
Scope of the Research
  • Significance of the field of the research
  • Identify the potential applications
  • The impact of the research on the Industry/Academia/Society
Literature Survey
  • Collect relevant research papers from the leading journals for the last 5-10 years in the area of research
  • Carry out a comprehensive literature survey on the research topic
  • Narrow down the research idea and finalize the title
Research Gap Analysis
  • Find out the problem based on the survey, which is not addressed appropriately in the topic of the proposal.
  • Identify the limitations in the existing research
  • Why the problem is essential and how it is going to impact future research
  • Find the potential opportunities for further research to fill the gaps in the research topic
Problem Statement
  • The problem statement should be more concise and concrete description of a research problem based on the research gap
  • Explores the relevance and significance of the research idea
  • Clearly describe the existence of the problem and how to tackle it
  • The problem statement should be researchable to tackle the research issue, feasible for development, and clearly address the relevant research problem effectively.
Aim and Objectives
  • Precisely define the achievable outcome and the purpose of the research
The proposed methodology
  • Defines the systematic plan of the proposed research work
  • Define the methods, tools, and techniques employed to solve the research problem
  • Describe the method of analysis
  • Performance evaluation of the proposed research work
Experimental Software Requirements
  • Software tools required to solve the research problem
  • Operating systems, Programming Language, Programming Packages, Database, Research Tools, Graph Generator, Document Writer and Plagiarism Checking Tools
Potential Contributions of the Research
  • The potential outcome of the research
  • Achievements of the research work
  • How the research contributions impact the Industry/Academia/Society
  • Precise conclusion of the research proposal
  • Latest references related to the research proposal cited appropriately with proper citation format such as APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), and so on.