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How to increase the URL in COAP in contiki cooja simulator?


To make available uniform resource locator (URL) more in COAP services by using contiki cooja simulator.

Source code

Step 1: er-example-client.c
#define NUMBER_OF_URLS 4 // set maximum urls
Char*service_urls[NUMBER_OF_URLS]={“.well-known/core”, “/actuators/toggle”, “battery/”, “error/in//path”};
static int uri_switch = 0; // by use increasing this we can access different urls.

Step 2: Maximum four URLs available We can increase here service urls. for example 5th url is added.
#define NUMBER_OF_URLS 5
Char *service_urls[NUMBER_OF_URLS] = { “.well-known/core”, “/actuators/toggle”, “battery/”, “error/in//path” , “”}