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How to launch selective forwarding attack in RPL using cooja simulator?


In this attack, malicious nodes are setup by intruders which act as sensor node of the network. These malicious nodes drop out data packets passing through them and forward only selective packets to the next sensor node.


   open Contiki cooja network simulator

In terminal >> cd contiki/
tools/cooja/ >> ant run.

  Implementation of the selective
-forwarding attacks let the malicious
node drop all packets except RPL packets.
Check the malicious node running RPL
in Contiki cooja network simulator
that if the received packet is not
destined to the malicious node
and is not an RPL packet, it
is dropped.

  Simulate this attack in Cooja, verify that the application
data is in fact lost from
children to the attacker.


file location contiki/core/net /

rpl/ icmp6.c handling control

messages in ipv6 output

Algorithm : Selective-forwarding

attacks in RPL.Packet—The IPv6 packet


OwnIP—The IPv6 address

of this node

if  Packet.protocol≠ RPL

and  Packet.destination≠OwnIP

then Drop packet

end if

Step 3

Run simulation