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Stackelberg security game to mitigate the DoS attack in vehicular ad-hoc networks - 2021

Stackelberg security game to mitigate the DoS attack in vehicular ad-hoc networks

Research Area:  Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks


Smart communication systems improve VANETs with the assistance of intelligent software systems. Such electronic tools allow automatic traffic control services to reduce road injuries and to classify routes effectively. Such automated traffic control networks are vulnerable to many kinds of attacks. Denial of service attack is a type of attack when the malicious node disrupts the networks entire communication by flooding the packets. Many methods of detecting DoS attacks in VANETs are available in the literature, but they are still hard to detect and mitigate attacks. Due to these attacks, the vehicle user cannot transmit emergency alert messages and disseminate the traffic data to the destination vehicle in due time. A new detection algorithm is developed and suggested in this analysis to detect and mitigate a malicious node using a game-theoretical approach. Stackelbergs game technique is designed to identify attacks, reduced the packet drop ratio by 12.45%, and increased the throughput by 94.21% compared to the Packet Detection Algorithm, Attacked Packed Detection Algorithm, and Enhanced Attacked Packet Detection Algorithm.


Author(s) Name:  A. Ilavendhan & K. Saruladha

Journal name:  Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (2021)

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Springer

DOI:  10.1007/s12652-021-03523-z

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