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Collaborative Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Medical Imaging Applications

Research Area:  Artificial Intelligence


   In this dissertation, we propose novel machine learning algorithms for high-risk medical imaging applications. Specifically, we tackle current challenges in radiology screening process and introduce cutting-edge methods for image-based diagnosis, detection and segmentation. We incorporate expert knowledge through eye-tracking, making the whole process human-centered.
    A standard radiology screening procedure includes detection, diagnosis and measurement (often done with segmentation) of abnormalities. We hypothesize that having a true collaboration is essential for a better control mechanism, in such applications. In this regard, we propose to form a collaboration medium between radiologists and machine learning algorithms through eye-tracking. Further, we build a generic platform consisting of novel machine learning algorithms for each of these tasks. Our collaborative algorithm utilizes eye tracking and includes an attention model and gaze-pattern analysis, based on data clustering and graph sparsification.
   Our proposed detection algorithm is specifically designed to handle tiny abnormalities in lungs, which are easy to miss by radiologists. Finally, we introduce a novel projective adversarial framework, PAN: Projective Adversarial Network for Medical Image Segmentation, for segmenting complex 3D structures/organs, which can be beneficial in the screening process by guiding radiologists search areas through segmentation of desired structure/organ.

Name of the Researcher:  Naji Khosravan

Name of the Supervisor(s):  Bagci, Ulas

Year of Completion:  2019

University:  University of Central Florida

Thesis Link:   Home Page Url