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An insight review on multimedia forensics technology - 2021

An insight review on multimedia forensics technology

Research Area:  Digital Forensics


Crime will turn into the principle issue step by step of our general public so it is important to find a few ways to beat the issue; that is the reason the expression “media legal” is presented. Mixed media measurable can be characterized as a science by which breaking down of an advanced resource for an appraisal for some particular reason to extricate some significant data and in some sort of examination for computerized narrative. Multimedia forensics provides the path to test the digital data from a source that may be an authorized image, order, or any other document that is used to identify in the forensic. In the multimedia forensics images, video, audio, etc. are covered. In multimedia forensic techniques, the focus is to identify the source of the digital device, which may be a mobile phone, digital camera, etc., with the help of media; similarly, the forensic media detects the evidence by which it is obtained. For preventing false detection lens are used with the characteristics of dust spots. All results depend on the lens detection, even under heavy compression and downsampling. Investigation of a crime is a complex process that starts at the crime scene, continues in the lab for in-depth investigation, and ends in the courtroom, where the final judgment is made. Investigators need support in all these steps to make their jobs as effective and efficient as possible. Now the question arises as to why multimedia forensics is required. A few answers are to gather the proof before it is lost and obliterated, utilizing some integral assets for altering.


Author(s) Name:  Swati Gupta and Puneet Garg

Journal name:  Cyber Crime and Forensic Computing

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  De Gruyter


Volume Information: